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Top Companies in California - Igor Fernando - 15-05-2022

My job is data analysis, so I love to find interesting information on the net. Not so long ago, I decided to find out about the best businesses in California. Let's start with Apple. This company became famous many decades ago. But did you know that the first devices were created in the garage? The company has come a long way to become one of the giants of the digital industry.

I also want to mention Intel as one of the biggest chipmakers. This company has been able to gain leadership in the processor market and is still at the forefront of innovation. I even bought personal computers with Intel processors. That is why I decided that you should also know about this company.

By the way, Tesla is also a Californian company. I was surprised when Elon Musk and his engineers revolutionized the automotive market. Now all automakers are starting to mass-produce electric cars. It seems to me that soon the entire planet will use electric motors, and Tesla is the initiator of such innovations. The last company on my list is Alphabet. You probably know that Google had to split up the business due to antitrust laws. Yet, it is this company that is the largest search giant in the world.

RE: Top Companies in California - AdilahBisar - 31-05-2022

These top companies in California have quite high recruiting standards and their hiring managers do not get satisfied with the candidates easily. Here's a tip if you are applying there. Make sure you attach a cover letter along with your resume it will provide you additional support and will surely impress the recruiters. If you do not know how to make a cover letter, hire certified cover letter writers in Dubai for your assistance, they will supply you with exceptional results.