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A key way to be a good student is to do your assignments
If you don’t do your assignments and turn them in, you won’t be able to pass the class.  If you don’t do the assignments you also won’t learn and master the material. You will have a better relationship with your teacher if she doesn’t have to ride you about getting your homework done; if your assignments are always done the teacher will like you more and be more favorable toward you. By putting in the work, teachers will know you care about your grade. Plus, the assignments help you get prepared for big tests and quizzes.  If you don’t do your assignments, and therefore fail the class, you have a higher chance of ending up in summer school, and, consequently, won’t have time with your friends. It would be a shame knowing that your friends are out partying and hanging out while you’re stuck in summer school. You’ll miss out on crucial information, like your friends getting into new relationships. You will find out via Facebook that your best friend and the girl next door are “Facebook official” during one of your breaks. If you do your assignments, none of these tragedies will occur.

The next step to becoming a good student is studying for your tests and quizzes. One of the most effective ways to study is by taking good notes during class. The grade on your test will depend on how good your notes are. Another way to achieve this is to always finish your assignments, and to be assured that you’re doing them correctly; the assignments will give you examples of problems that will show up on the test. Another way to study is by having a classmate ask you questions about the subject. It helps you and your partner study. Don’t procrastinate and wait until the day of the test to study, it will do you no good. Start studying the night you find out that a test is coming up. Studying a little each day will help you remember it better than studying it all in one day will. If you don’t study, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a bad grade, but studying will give you the extra knowledge it takes to get an A on the test.

A crucial element required to be a good student is to be proactive. Contrary to being proactive, is to procrastinate. When you procrastinate, you are essentially avoiding the task, making the task tougher to complete when the time comes. This is due to forgotten material and the rush to get the assignment done as soon as possible. Procrastination creates a dire write my argumentative essays need to finish the task quickly, many times causing minimal effort to be put into the assignment. Many good students recognize these aspects of procrastination, which is why they finish their homework when the material is still fresh in their mind. Also, so they have enough time to make the assignment the best it can be in the time required as well as to avoid a potential all nighter they could have to pull to complete the task. If you are proactive, stress and anxiety will subside and you will be one step closer to becoming a good student.

The final way to becoming a good student, that doesn’t take that much effort, is trying to get the teacher to like you. Some tips for getting your teacher to liking you are: bringing them snacks, remembering their birthday, and stopping by to say hello. There is no way that your teacher will give you bad grades if you give them snacks, or share yours. Who doesn’t like snacks? If you stop by and say hello, and generally friendly overall, how could they be mad at you? I mean have you ever seen a mad neighbor when you say hello when you walk by?

Alot of knowledge and tips were just thrown at you, but have no fear, it isn’t as hard as it seems. If you put a little amount of effort in, have the right materials, stay on task in class, do your assignments, study, be proactive, and suck up to the teacher, you won’t be the failure in the family. That job will be saved for your siblings. 

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