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The digital marketing of Netherlands Phone Number List
Digital marketing offers tools for all segments of the market. Little is said about the Netherlands Phone Number List industry and digital strategies; We well know that highly competitive strategies have to be applied due to the great competition that currently exists. This segment is constantly growing due to the unstoppable emergence of new technological tools that seek to meet and attend to the needs and interests that are not yet noticed by other brands. Hence, the duty of the big brands in the music segment is to apply digital strategies with a differential value and, somewhat personalized, to reach all the tastes of potential users. Spotify and iTunes have always remained as the market leaders and, the strongest competitors to knockdown. It is clear that Spotify sees iTunes as its main competition and vice versa. But, do you know what the digital marketing of both brands is like? Let's see a little more of this!

The digital marketing of Spotify Vs. Apple Music
For Fast Company, in mid-2015, Apple was considered the leader in online music sales. He had more than 800 million iTunes accounts and the same number of linked credit cards. However, since Netherlands Phone Number List hit the market, iTunes sales started to decline. Users now turned to other segments: streaming services. This second brand in just a few months of being born already had more than 15 million users. Of course, Apple did not sit idly by seeing how its competition made sales decline. Therefore, he chose to check, evaluate and analyze his digital strategies. Thus, it was a short time later that iTunes incorporated a new service: Beat Music, a streaming service for both Mac and Android users. Despite this, Apple could not rebound its sales again, Spotify had already positioned itself as a competitor to fear. Let '

Music library
Spotify gained its leadership in the music market thanks to its impressive catalog with more than 30 million songs; Not counting the fact that it adds more than 20,000 songs per day. Of course, it still has several spaces to fill, but it still has a very wide musical repertoire. On the other hand, the leading streaming service in the music industry, offers releases, exclusive live sessions, unreleased and hot singles, and much more content that will make potential users fall in love. Undoubtedly, this brand has been able to take advantage of the interests of its target audience very well, which, it is worth mentioning, is constantly increasing. Now, in the case of iTunes, it has more than 40 million songs, surpassing the previous mark. And, as if that were not enough, it has been given the task of investigating which are those spaces that Netherlands Phone Number List has not yet filled, as is the case of introducing new artists to its repertoire, being a direct competition of this first brand. One of the features that Apple has taken advantage of very well is the fact that it allows its users to link their music library by transferring the stored songs to their Apple Music list.

Subscription fee
In the case of the monthly subscription fee, iTunes costs around USD 10, as does Spotify Premium. And as a customer retention strategy, both brands offer special family packages that allow their customers to add up to six individual accounts for approximately $ 15 per month; this, in order to make underwriting strategies more attractive. In addition, in the case of Apple, it offers each new subscriber 3 months of free consumption. However, despite such a good strategy, Apple does not have a free version based on ads, like Spotify, which was key for the second brand, in terms of attracting new users. Well, most Netherlands Phone Number List users listen to music for free, and that's better than a 3-month trial.

Interface and mobile experience
In digital marketing, every detail counts. From the simplest to the most complex. In the case of design, iTunes is a platform with a minimalist style; however, very unintuitive. Artificial intelligence is an element that the Apple brand takes very into account; thus, they integrated an automatic “Siri” system that serves the purpose of allowing subscribers to issue voice commands through their mobile device. For its part, Netherlands Phone Number List is a platform with a simple and easy-to-use interface, which allows users to navigate faster between their tabs; This applies to both the mobile apps and the desktop sample. Both brands have different ways of applying digital marketing techniques. However, they are direct competitors who are very aware of what their rival does to optimize their strategies based on it and lead the music market.
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