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How to Identify Bad Ad Placements Using Scripts
The Google Display Network (GDN) is one of two Google AdWords networks that allow businesses to place display ads on a large number of sites on the web. Although a form of passive advertising, compared to Google's search network, the company estimates that GDN engages more than 90% of internet users. The problem with the Google Display Network The downside of online display ad placements is that you will have to spend a lot of time filtering out hundreds of placements where you don't want your business, product, or service information to appear. The problem faced by marketers, SEO experts, copywriters, web developers, and other responsible employees is that even using filters, they can spend hours dealing with this type of organization.

Google AdWords offers the possibility of managing advertising campaigns using javascript directly in the system interface. So the idea of cleaning up GDN locations using scripts that can do this job automatically is promising. Our team started researching this topic some time ago and we have studied the Whatsapp Mobile Number List attempts that have been made to solve this problem using scripts. We found the following two options particularly useful: the first was developed by Alexey Jaroshenko and the second – by Derek Martin. Some of their ideas and parts of their script were used to develop a solution. General Solution To fully understand how our step-by-step solution works and what options you have, please consider the following essential details.

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Main terms The script refers to the automatic placement report in Google AdWords for a specified period of time. He makes a few samples, in which the selected placements fulfill the following conditions: Expenses are greater than X USD and have no conversion; The conversion cost is more than X USD; There are more than X impressions, the CTR is less than Y% and there are no conversions; There are more than X impressions, the CTR is greater than Y%, and there are no conversions. All of the above criteria can be set manually in the Google spreadsheet on the "config" list since the script imports the data from it.
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